Uplighting transforms any venue and there are few things you can do to impact the ambiance of your event compared to uplighting.  Your Night provides some of the best uplighting available to ensure we have the capabilities to create almost any color you can imagine.  

Solid Color Uplighting

  • The Most Color-tastic Lights Built Today

    Our lights are RGBAW meaning they have tons of high powered LEDs that support more than your typical RGB uplights.

  • Place Anywhere, No Wires

    A battery built light that can be placed anywhere showing no wires and lasting over 9 hours continuously on.

  • Thick Construction Housing Yet Elegant

    Don’t worry about them being on the floor. These are built to take many hits.

Changing Colored Uplighting

  • All Features of our Solid Color Uplighting

    We use the same durable and powerful technology to makes the lights dance

  • Wireless Data Technology

    Not only is the power wireless, but to communicate between fixtures, our DMX protocol is completely wireless

Bring Color To Your Event

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